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Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez Fellow

Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez, Fellow

Ana's work addresses the political economy of basic rights and the primary institutions of international society such as sovereignty, the market and human rights.


At CISL Ana combines these elements to examine how financial regulation can support human rights through enhanced economic stability and inclusion to underpin resilience and sustainable growth. The relationship between human rights and the global financial system is explored via natural disaster risks and the provision of sufficient resilience to reduce losses of lives, livelihoods and assets to exposed populations.

Ana has direct involvement with international reform processes including: the evolution of financial regulation towards disaster resilience requirements and the role of insurance as an institution of international society, the renewal of the UN Hyogo Framework for Action on Disaster Risk Reduction, related 2015 UN Development Goals, climate processes and the World Humanitarian Summit 2016.

Ana’s first book Human Rights and World Trade: Hunger in International Society studied the impact that international agricultural trade agreements have on global levels of hunger and how the current system can be improved to protect the right to food enshrined in international legislation. Her second book, International Society & the Middle East, co-edited with Barry Buzan, examined the primary institutions of inter-state relations across the Middle East and how they reflect global norms or exhibit specific regional attributes. Beyond academia, Ana has advised on human rights and trade reform in the Middle East and worked for Bloomberg as an editor, producer and news anchor.  

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