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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Ana specialises on the role of financial regulation and risk-sharing systems to deliver the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. At CISL, she works with policymakers, regulators and industry on the Call-to-Action “Risk Sharing in the Climate Emergency: Financial Regulation for a Resilient, Net Zero, Just Transition”, launched in CoP26 on Finance Day (CISL, 2021).

This Call-to-Action proposes twenty concrete steps to urgently govern, manage, and reduce climate risks from local to global scales. Ana is now leading a case study of these actions with the insurance regulator of Costa Rica.

In 2017-2019 she conducted pioneering CISL fieldwork in the Philippines on the medium-term outcomes of households devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. This was the first publication to assess insurance impacts on delivery of SDG targets in the years after a major disaster (CISL, 2019).


 Ana’s previous work, Insurance Regulation for Sustainable Development (CISL 2015), provided the first mapping of how insurance could support SDG goals and targets. It was launched at the UN Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa to inform policy recommendations for the UN 2030 Agenda. 

She also worked at Imperial College London leading the regulatory section of a public-private partnership on index insurance.

Her earlier research assessed the impact that agricultural trade agreements have on global food security. Her publications include the books Human Rights and World Trade, Hunger in International Society (Routledge) and International Society and the Middle East, co-authored (Palgrave McMillan).

Beyond academia, Ana has advised on trade development in the Middle East with the UNDP and worked for Bloomberg as an editor, producer and news anchor. 


Dr Ana  Gonzalez Pelaez
Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership