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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)



Representing a growing global network of leading insurance industry organisations, ClimateWise helps to align its members’ expertise to directly support society as it responds to the risks and opportunities of climate change.

ClimateWise, as part of the Centre for Sustainable Finance, is uniquely placed to bring together the insurance industry and related organisations with world class academic expertise and global sustainability leaders to collectively and innovatively tackle climate change. 

Decisions and positions of the group do not represent the policies or positions of CISL or of the wider University of Cambridge.

Areas of focus


ClimateWise members are required to annually disclose their firm’s response to climate change through the ClimateWise Principles framework. Member reports are independently assessed, scored and benchmarked as a means to track and incentivise progress year on year. A
collective public review is published each
year which serves to inform regulators and broader financial markets on the insurance industry’s response to climate change.


ClimateWise undertakes impact-orientated, collaborative research to help insurers and the wider financial sector proactively
respond to the risks and opportunities
posed by climate change. Three core
themes focus on the industry’s leadership, regulation and climate-risk.



ClimateWise membership is open to all (re)insurers, brokers and other insurance industry service providers globally who are leaders, or aspire to play a leadership role, in supporting the insurance industry respond to the risks and opportunities of climate change.

The Insurance Advisory Council is comprised of C-suite executives from across ClimateWise’s membership base. 


"ClimateWise is an important initiative, assisting the insurance industry in its important role to build societal resilience. Insurers have unique insights into the risks that the world is facing and the ClimateWise Principles provide guidance to share this knowledge more broadly; so informing public policy and supporting the identification, understanding and management of climate risk. Through decisive action, insurance companies can facilitate the transition a low-carbon economy that is resilient to a changing climate, while reducing the climate risk protection gap."

Anna Sweeney, Chair of the Sustainable Insurance Forum and Executive Director, Insurance, Bank of England


Meet the team

Sid Miller

Programme Director

Dr Nina Seega

Centre for Sustainable Finance


Natalie Thompson

Project Manager

Laura Deltenre

Senior Project Manager


Stephane Rad

Project Co-ordinator




Newly elected ClimateWise Managing Committee announced

16 May 2016

1 May 2016 – ClimateWise elects its new Managing Committee, expanding its sectoral and geographic focus.

Climate change and the insurance industry: the legacy of 2015

26 November 2015

Climate change and the insurance industry: the legacy of 2015 Tom Herbstein, Senior Programme Manager, ClimateWise 27 November 2015 As things stand, 2015 is squaring up to become a landmark year for action on climate change. Already we have seen the signing in March of the UN Sendai Framework for...

Insurers continue to make steady progress in responding to climate change

20 November 2015

23 November 2015 – The insurance industry is continuing to take steps to incorporate the risks of climate change across their business activities, an annual independent review of the insurance industry’s network ClimateWise reveals today. The 2015 review of the six ClimateWise Principles concludes that positive progress continues to be made in response to climate change, with average scores rising against 2014.

A climate of change: ClimateWise Principles Independent Review 2015

20 November 2015

November 2015 – The 2015 independent annual review of the six ClimateWise Principles shows improved scores for members of the insurance industry leadership group. Progressive insurance companies are considering their exposure to climate risks while also developing their role as societies' risk managers.

Climate change: Value at risk to investment and Aviva’s strategic response

27 August 2015

24 July 2015 – A report has been published from the Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by Aviva, on the value at risk of climate change to investment, pensions and long-term savings.

A call for a systemic, positive and collective response to climate risk by the insurance industry

28 July 2015

A call for a systemic, positive and collective response to climate risk by the insurance industry Maurice Tulloch, Chair of ClimateWise and Chairman, Aviva Global General Insurance and Chief Executive Officer, Aviva UK & Ireland General Insurance 28 July 2015 Last week, Aviva announced its five...

ClimateWise blog

21 July 2015

Climate Change: A Risk Assessment

20 July 2015

14 July 2015 – Launch of a new report, commissioned by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office, into the role of governments in the fight against climate change.

Rethinking insurance for sustainable development

16 July 2015

Rethinking insurance for sustainable development Tom Herbstein, Programme Manager, ClimateWise 20 July 2015 In a recent Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) report on insurance , Fellow Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez called for access to insurance within emerging markets to be accounted...

Axa Plenary Session: Climate Change and Extreme Weather Risk

14 July 2015

1 July 2015 – As part of their support of the UN COP21 Climate Change Conference in December, AXA hosted an ‘AXA Futures’ plenary seminar showcasing some of the latest research work and thinking from leading academics researching extreme weather and climate change.