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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership



Banking and Sustainability: Time for Convergence

14 September 2015

September 2015 – A policy briefing on the links between financial stability and environmental sustainability.

Professor Alexander presents key findings on the report 'Stability and Sustainability in Banking Reform'

30 June 2015

June 2015 – Professor Kern Alexander, lead author of ‘Stability and Sustainability in Banking Reform: Are Environmental Risks Missing from Basel III?’ gave a 10-minute overview of the main conclusions of his report at the Cambridge Expert Dialogue in April 2015.

Stability and Sustainability in Banking Reform: Are Environmental Risks Missing in Basel III?

14 November 2014

October 2014, report – The BEI’s focus to date has been driving sustainability standards into banking products and services by working with groups of leading customers. Its work in soft commodity supply chains has seen banks aligning with clients to develop commercially viable trade finance products and services that incentivise sustainable resource management. However, it has always been clear that those who regulate the financial system have a role to play in identifying and mitigating the potentially destabilising effects of environmental risks across the banking system as a whole.