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Green Growth Platform


The Green Growth Platform brings together ministers from European governments, businesses and the European Parliament to discuss and debate the economic opportunities and challenges involved in the transition to a low carbon, resilient economy. This notable and influential platform is made up of climate, environment and energy ministers from 16 countries, 18 members of the European Parliament and some 40 major businesses.

Latest news

Advisory Council I: Report from Chairs, Green Growth Platform

19 March 2014 – Advisory Council I of the Green Growth Platform has released a report to the Green Growth Ministers on their discussions so far around the 2030 EU Climate and Energy Package and links to growth, jobs and competitiveness.

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European Green Growth Summit II

3 March 2014 – The Green Growth Platform held its second Summit at the European Parliament in Brussels. The Summit brought together EU Energy, Climate and Economics Ministers, EU Commission officials, Members of the European Parliament, business leaders, investors and renowned economists to discuss jobs, growth and competitiveness and recent analysis undertaken by the Green Growth Platform.

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European Green Growth Summit

28 October 2013 – The Ministerial Green Growth Group (GGG) hosted a European Green Growth Summit in Brussels on the 28 October, 2013 in the European Parliament. The event brought together Ministers, Commissioners, business leaders, investors, senior economists, officials and experts to explore and promote the economic and wider opportunities that ambitious and immediate EU low carbon ambition can offer the EU.

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Save the date: Thursday 3 October pm, Luxembourg

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Green Growth Summit 2018

Summary of Green Growth Platform Summit 2018

Green Growth Platform Summit 2018

Richard Baron, Chief Executive, 2050 Pathways Platform

Changhua Wu, Director, China/Asia, Rifkin Enterprises

Rt Hon Clare Perry MP, Minister of State for Climate Change and Energy


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