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Collective catchment management

Water is a shared resource that is critical to the success of many sectors, the health of the environment, and our quality of life. Many businesses have an interest in the quality of the natural environment in which they operate and the impacts they have upon it through their own activities. 

Following the launch of the Catchment Management Declaration this project was established to set up the Catchment Leadership Network and a number of catchment pilots to test the business case and application of collective catchment management in practice.  As well as building capacity and skills within five catchment partnerships in preparedness to deliver catchment solutions against private sector investment, the project will publish and socialise the learnings from this work to enable other catchment partnerships to benefit from and scale this work. 

With the aim of contributing to the reversal of ongoing degradation of UK river catchments and water resources, this project is pursuing systemic change in: 1) policy and regulation; and 2) business operations and supply chains.

The ambition is:

  • to demonstrate that ‘good’ catchment management can be achieved through changes in policy, regulation; and
  • to design, test and prove an approach, through private sector investment, that could be scaled across UK river catchments. 

This work is supported by a grant from The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund.