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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

February 2022 - Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for around 90% of global businesses and half of all employment. In a world facing an urgent climate crisis, SMEs have a significant role to play in reducing carbon emissions. More than this, by bringing climate action into the heart of their operations, founders can build resilience, meet the changing needs of consumers and investors, and ensure the long-term health of their business - and the planet.

Find out about the seven steps to net zero here.

The primary reason reported by SMEs for not taking climate action is not knowing what to do. It can seem an insurmountable challenge, and difficult to know where to start. Yet, moving towards net zero and affecting positive change for the planet is an important step for SMEs to future-proof their business.

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) have teamed up with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR™) to outlined seven clear, achievable steps to help SMEs enable climate action and join the race to net zero.

Ready to go further? Sign up to Climate Fit: net zero training for SMEs. Available for free through the SME Climate Hub.