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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)


We help our clients to respond to the most material risks to 'business as usual', to identify new opportunities for sustainable value creation and business growth, and to align their fundamental purpose and strategy with the transition to a sustainable economy. 

We don’t give you our answer, but inform, challenge and support your team to find the right answer for your organisation.


The global social and environmental pressures and trends of this century alongside the growing expectations of business, are creating significant commercial risks for our clients, including stranded assets, disrupted supply chains, increased input and regulatory costs, resource and talent scarcity, market disruptions and risk to social licence to operate.

At the same time, market demand for consumer, business and infrastructure solutions which support the transition to a sustainable economy is creating new opportunities for value creation and business growth. 

We support our clients through informing their thinking, challenging their level of ambition and supporting them to build alignment around a clear purpose, goals and strategic priorities.

Contact us for advice on your organisational purpose and strategy development.


Informing and challenging

Clients benefit from our insight into sustainability issues and commercial implications through customised briefings, reports and workshop presentations relating to the organisation’s markets, context and geographies. This includes analysis of key trends, stakeholder expectations, peer responses and case studies. 

We provide an independent view of the pace and scale of change required and what leadership looks like. This includes leading and facilitating strategy discussions, providing review and constructive critique of strategy, participating in internal strategy processes, and convening external advisory boards or stakeholder panels. 


Building alignment and engagement

Drawing on our expertise and experience of working at the most senior levels within business, we facilitate board and executive workshops to build alignment around business purpose and ambition in relation to sustainability, to identify strategic priorities and to inspire ownership and action.


Case studies

Gaining clarity on your purpose

We supported the executive team and main board of a multinational chemicals company to frame their purpose and strategy to optimise positive impact, organisational resilience and business growth.  We led them through  a process to deeply consider the positive contribution that the business can have on society over the next 15 years, and the risks and opportunities that they will need to navigate.

Developing a strategic response to a pressing business challenge

We led a strategic briefing and workshop on climate change for the executive team and main board of a major global heavy manufacturing company to inform strategic decision-making on major capital investments and to develop alignment around the corporate position on climate change.