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November 2019

Investments into tackling climate change

November 2019: Quantifying risks to critical systems finds that investing into climate change mitigation shows positive returns when compared to the projected costs of climate change impacts; hence reinforces the benefits of avoiding them.

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Economy of Borneo’s rainforest

November 2019: Infrastructure plans for creating a Pan-Borneo Highway are placing the region’s biodiversity at risk. Recent findings suggest that there are greater economic benefits in maintaining biodiversity and supporting emerging bio-economies than in depletion of natural resources.

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Investment performance of green bonds

November 2019: Central banks are expanding the triad of safety, liquidity, and return on investments to include ESG indices. This trend is prompting foreign exchange investments into green bonds and increases returns on investments that are on par with benchmarks across conventional investment sectors.

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Mental rigidity

November 2019: The level of cognitive flexibility in humans influences how people process stimuli and shape their ability to find compromise. Designing training and education strategies that enhance cognitive flexibility may contribute to combatting radicalisation and extreme partisanship on both ends of the political spectrum.

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Tidal barrages

November 2019: Designs for a mooted tidal energy barrage on the Mersey Estuary include social and economic opportunities beyond energy generation. However, concerns about high initial capital costs and adverse impacts on local wildlife habitats remain and challenge the project’s realisation.

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Urban agriculture

November 2019: Community gardens and urban farms under the umbrella of urban agriculture can contribute to combatting inner city ‘food deserts’, improve air quality, provide green spaces, and reduce CO2 emissions. A new paper calls for holistic and strategic interventions to expand such networks and adopt urban planning mechanisms.

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IPCC special report on the ocean and cryosphere

November 2019: special report on oceans and the cryosphere emphasises calls to accelerate a transition to a zero carbon economy and place at least 30% of the world’s oceans under protection. Rising temperatures, acidification, and lower oxygen levels in the oceans are severely impacting human and marine life.

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Food and land use

November 2019: Recent reports identify that benefits from redirecting agricultural subsidies to transform food systems outweigh the cost of inaction. It further argues that the cost of damage caused by currently incentivised agricultural methods is greater than the value of the food they produce.

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