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Natural Convergence: Integrating Business and Government Strategies to Manage Natural Capital

September 2012 – Given the challenging economic backdrop for businesses, one might be forgiven for being uncertain about where sustainable land use fits in. What is clear already, however, is that there are pressures and concerns, readily identified in this report, which we are going to have to tackle in order to have any kind of long-term economic future. Businesses are increasingly realising that in order to operate sustainably they must protect and enhance all the environmental resources and services that are used or affected by their operations.

CPSL Natural Convergence In

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Between December 2011 and July 2012 two groups of diverse business leaders from across the UK wood and timber industry value chains met with policymakers and academics. They explored how business manages its impacts and dependencies on natural capital through procurement and how this relates to the way government influences natural capital through land use policy. This report represents the output of these processes.

Published: September 2012