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José Lopez: Keeping nature’s balance sheet in balance

December 2012 – Sustainable development – providing sufficient material and spiritual well-being to enable a good life for all of humankind, within the limits imposed by our one planet – is by definition a concept with global reach. This has significant implications for policymakers and the private sector alike, which influence each other.

Jose Lopez SOSOL

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Nestlé turns nearly one per cent of the world’s total agricultural output into food and beverages for the average consumer. In this piece José Lopez, VP for Operations at Nestlé S.A., outlines why our treatment of natural resources is a concern to the company, and his determination to find a way to integrate business planning and the preservation of what Nestlé’s business is based upon. Nestlé is a CISL Strategic Partner and a member of the Natural Capital Leaders Platform.

Published: December 2012