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E.Valu.A.Te: the Game

October 2014 – E.Valu.A.Te: the Game, launched in 2014, this aims to explain what natural capital valuation means for businesses and what decisions it should influence. This interactive game builds scenarios and allows users to explore what critical business decisions need to consider the value on natural resources.

The user can generate financial value by reducing environmental impacts and reducing risks within the supply chain by investing in environmental interventions such as setting aside land, improving irrigation or using an alternate crop. By implementing these interventions, the user can improve the natural capital impacts on water quality/ quantity, climate change, soil quality and wild species diversity and get an overview of natural capital valuation.

Enlightened business leaders recognise that they are no longer living off the dividends of natural capital, but off the capital itself. Natural capital valuation can help businesses make better-informed decisions that take into account the degradation of, or the benefits provided to, the environment and those that depend upon it. However, valuation is often poorly understood and only partially achieved by business. 

E.Valu.A.Te: the Game sets players the challenge to reduce their business’s environmental impacts and risks, and improve human wellbeing, while staying within a fixed budget.

Play the game

Play the game by clicking here: register for free and compete with your colleagues to see who can perform the best! 

You can even tweet your score and see how you performed compared to other players by using the hashtag #evaluategame. 

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