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Business opportunities from natural capital challenges

17 February 2015 – The 'Business opportunities from natural capital challenges' infographic depicts the alarming degradation rates of the quantity and quality of water, biodiversity and soil. The infographic identifies the key business opportunities that can arise from the sustainable management of these three natural capital elements.

 Natural Capital Infographic 590px

Download the 'Business opportunities from natural capital challenges' infographic

Download the 'Doing Business with Nature' report 

Natural capital impacts and dependencies are too complicated to understand. 

As part of the Platform’s 'Doing Business with Nature' project, member companies collaborated to develop an infographic that showcases how water, biodiversity and soil challenges relate to business operations, regulations, reputations and markets.

This simple, business-ready media helps articulate dependencies and risks related to natural capital and the impacts on business interests. Our aim is to build consensus around the materiality of natural capital and to make natural capital a business priority.


Published: 17 February 2015