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This declaration is a call from business, civil society organisations and the public sector to commit to the water catchment-related ambition of the UK Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan and support collective activities that will deliver successful catchment management.


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Catchment Management DeclarationWhat is the catchment management declaration?

This declaration is a collaborative initiative that will create multi-sector water management.  It is designed to bring together businesses from across sectors with stakeholders from UK governments and NGOs to tackle the collective challenge of water stresses through catchment management.  It aims to positively respond to the 25 Year Environment Plan; to create connections between existing initiatives; and to create real practical actions. 

Why the need for the declaration?

We need to recognise that water is a shared resource that is critical to the success of many sectors, the health of the environment, and our quality of life. There are a host of agreements in place and this declaration aims to build upon these to be truly collaborative and recognise that are both shared interests and shared values which can provide positive environmental impacts and economic benefits across sectors.   

Together we can transform UK water management

The declaration consists of six principles. It acknowledges that change cannot be achieved by a few regulatory tweaks, nor can any single sector or government agency, working in isolation, deliver this change.  Catchment solutions are multi-sector and highly interconnected. 

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Published: May 2018