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How Can Funders Accelerate Climate Action to 2018–2020?

This memo, prepared by Galvanising the Groundswell of Climate Actions with input from CISL, provides a ‘state of play’ of climate action by non-state actors and provides some recommendations for potential funders of the work ahead.

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While there has been a groundswell of sub/non-state climate action in recent years, and a strong embrace of such actions by the UNFCCC process (most recently through the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action), the 'ecosystem' that supports and galvanises climate action from cities, businesses, regions, and other actors continues to suffer from resource gaps. There is an enormous opportunity to radically ramp up the scale and impact of bottom up climate action by filling these gaps.

This memo takes stock of the current state of climate action by sub/non-state actors. It aims to give public and private funders an overview of the landscape of actors and institutions around these efforts, as well as the 'ecosystem' that aims to support them through co-ordination, galvanising, and tracking and analysis.

About Galvanising the Groundswell of Climate Actions

Galvanising the Groundswell of Climate Actions is an open platform through which a diverse range of organisations collaborate to bring climate action from cities, business, regions, and other actors to a higher level of scale and ambition.

The organisation sees these bottom-up actions as:

  • making a significant direct impact on global emissions, particularly in advance of 2020
  • having a catalytic impact on national policies and international negotiations
  • stimulating transformational shifts in economic, technological, and social systems.

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) contributes to the Galvanising the Groundswell of Climate Actions steering committee.

Published: March 2017

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