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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

June 2014 – The European Union (EU) is at a crossroads; it can create a competitive Europe-wide energy system that responds to energy security and climate concerns whilst stimulating job creation and growth, or it can become increasingly un-competitive, strangled by high energy imports (the EU imports 53% of the energy it consumes) and an underinvested, underperforming energy system.

Energy Security and the 203

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The Advisory Council I of the Green Growth Platform has released a report pointing to the benefits of a low carbon union. This respected group of advisors from esteemed international organisations, some members of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group and academic experts makes a number of recommendations to Ministers and their governments in the run up to the European Council energy security discussions next week. It is one output from a series of different advisory group discussions.


Published: June 2014