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Building Resilient Cities: From Risk Assessment to Redevelopment

November 2013 – ClimateWise publishes priorities, planning framework and toolkit. Urban resilience against the weather effects of climate change is an imperative of the insurance industry. It reduces losses, promotes insurability, and presents opportunities for innovative risk transfer and insurance solutions to help manage climate risk.

Building Resilient Cities F

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Insurers’ knowledge of risk management enables them to propel thinking on urban resilience forward, and identify ways to reduce climate risks. In November 2013, three practical documents were published which form the output from this process. These three documents form the output of a workshop series on building urban resilience, involving insurers and city stakeholders in the U.S. and Canada.

A concise Summary Report, which distils the key priorities that emerged from the workshop series for collaborative action between key urban resiliency stakeholders to build climate resilience in cities.

A second, more detailed report “Building Resilient Cities: From Risk Assessment to Redevelopment” explains, in much greater detail, one of the core concepts developed through our workshop series.

A third document which contains the workshop materials including templates and graphics that were used to facilitate each of the workshops in the series.