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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) hosted a series of ‘Advancing Leadership’ webinars between March and May 2020. See which sessions cater to your development needs and access the recordings below.

These free webinars brought together leading experts from industry and academia to discuss how individuals and organisations can grow their leadership practices in order to increase their resilience and effectiveness in a VUCA environment; aligning commercial imperatives with positive outcomes for society. You can access the recordings of each webinar below: 

Personal leadership in action

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and changing world, the ability of an organisation and its stakeholders to thrive, is directly influenced by the qualities of its leaders. Individuals who deepen their personal leadership practices, can expand their positive impact within their organisation and in society.

In this session, we will explore how employees at all levels can harness their leadership potential to influence the culture of their organisation, drive change and embed resilience, authenticity and purpose into their decision-making.

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Communicating for Leadership Impact and Influence

Successful leaders understand the critical importance of being effective and authentic communicators, how to have a positive impact within their current and future sphere of influence, and the benefits of inspiring and motivating others.

In this session, we explored how influencing skills can be used to create positive change, infuse confidence and overcome barriers. We also considered the role of purpose and communication in organisational culture and stakeholder cooperation.

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Leadership Dilemmas and Solutions


Every leader faces challenges if they take it upon themselves to deliver lasting, positive change. The last in this series of webinars considered common leadership dilemmas, challenges and practical solutions to these, such as:


  • Unlocking innovation and finance for a sustainable economy
  • Breaking through gridlock to influence change
  • Embedding values and personal purpose within organisational culture
  • Balancing long-term objectives with short-term business imperatives

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The topics of the ‘Advancing Leadership’ webinars are based on key themes and questions raised by participants during our 2019 Introducing Leadership webinar series. Recordings of those previous sessions are available online:

Evolving theories of leadership

This session examined how leadership theory has changed over the past 60 years and why a new form of leadership is required for progressive organisations and individuals.

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Purposeful leadership

This session explored what we mean by purposeful leadership and how individuals can ensure that purpose is at the heart of their organisation, as well as embedded in their own leadership style.

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Leadership development in the 21st century 

This session considered how can we advance leadership development and offer up different approaches and practical examples being deployed by businesses today.

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