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Seize the Day: A Call to Action for UK Climate Leadership

June 2011 - This is the critical time. The decisions made in this parliament will either set the UK firmly on the path to a low-carbon economy or send us well off track. The UK leads the world in ambitious targets to tackle climate change. We are the first country in the world to extend legally binding targets well into the 2020s. We have the opportunity to transform our economy and lead the world down a path of green growth, well-managed climate risks and decarbonisation. The opportunity must be seized now, or else we risk missing out on new markets and locking in high-carbon, maladapted investments.

Seize the Day: A Call to Action for UK Climate Leadership. Published by The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group.June 2011

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On 29 June 2011, The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group launched a new report into Government policy, calling for stronger action on climate leadership. Seize the Day reflects the member companies' belief that the UK Government has set the right goals for the economy, but must dramatically step up action to deliver these goals.

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Published: June 2011