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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

We were delighted to offer platform members and partners the opportunity to attend these exclusive webinars, which ran on a weekly basis in the lead-up to Easter 2022.

Led by Fellows from our The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme, each webinar focused on the work of a different Fellow, with subjects including decent work, the environmental impact of food, climate risks in aviation, and collaborative approaches to electric transport transitions. The presentations were followed by Q&A sessions, where attendees were able to ask questions of the Fellows and enjoy insightful discussions in an interactive and relaxed setting.

Recordings of each presentation can be found below:


9 March, 2022

Exploring pathways to a just transition to electric transport in East Africa

In this webinar, Dr Gabriel Okello explored how the transition to electric motorcycles (bodas) in Kampala, Uganda, could reduce air pollution, create employment, and mitigate climate change. Outlining his collaborative approach to this transition, the session provided an overview of the potential broader societal benefits and challenges of transitioning to electric bodas.



16 March, 2022

Understanding the environmental impacts of food and how to mitigate them

This webinar with Dr Emma Garnett focused on the environmental impacts of food, providing insights into both expected and unexpected effects of food consumption. We discussed different ways of enabling more sustainable and healthy diets, considering the strengths and weaknesses of different policies such as taxes, labels and mandates.



23 March, 2022

Assessing climate risks in aviation: a systematic review

As climate change progresses, the aviation sector continues to face both physical and transition risks. Providing an overview of these risks, this webinar from Dr Bojun Wang considered the impact mechanism of each risk driver and how their impacts have been measured in previous research.



30 March, 2022

Thinking decent work into business sustainability

Drawing on local, national and international case studies, this webinar considered some of the challenges and benefits associated with living wage implementation. During the session, Dr Anna Barford and Marina Zorila explored current approaches to living wages, and how fair pay forms a cornerstone of decent work.


For more information about The Prince of Wales Fellowship Programme, visit our web page here.

"Universities contribute to society through the creation of new knowledge and the development of new skills. It is our aspiration to do this in ways that are relevant and purposeful.

The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme, hosted by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, will help us to do just that by allowing academics to engage productively with business, government and financial institutions for society's benefit – both in the UK and globally."

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