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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

February 2020 – The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and Professor Jason Pomeroy are delighted to announce the launch of a new scholarship for prospective Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE) Master's students.

The Pomeroy Academy Scholarship for Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment serves to support one student per year from the South East Asian region who can demonstrate their interest in, and commitment to, the design and development of sustainable built environments.

The scholarship was created by IDBE (cohort 10) alumnus Prof Jason Pomeroy, founding principal of designers and thought leaders of sustainable built environments, Pomeroy Studio, and sustainability educators, Pomeroy Academy. Pomeroy attributes much of his success with forwarding the green agenda in Asia to the collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to creating sustainable built environment projects which is at the heart of the IDBE programme. The scholarship invites applicants from South-East Asia who wish to push the boundaries of sustainable design and research, to submit an application. For more information click here.

IDBE Course Director Dr. Kayla Friedman said:

"Southeast Asia is expected to grow rapidly in the next 30 years while simultaneously being prone to a number of increasing climate risks.  The region needs more built environment professionals with the knowledge and networks to drive change and ensure resilient future-proofed built environments."


Professor Jason Pomeroy said:

"I am privileged that through my work I am able to lead on the sustainable built environment agenda. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the IDBE course at CISL.

I hope we are going to see more influential practitioners from an interdisciplinary background who can wield greater influence at a policy level to achieve the common need for more sustainable, low energy, low water designs that enhance people’s lives."

Click here to learn more about the IDBE Master's and postgraduate certificate, or sign up to the next webinar.

The deadline to apply for the IDBE Master's and postgraduate certificate is 15 June 2020.


Zoe Kalus, Head of Media  

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