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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Sustainable marketing, media and creative

Positioned at the intersection of business and society, marketing is a critical function in driving change in production and consumption, attitudes and aspirations, beliefs and behaviours, and narratives and norms.

Sustainable marketing is a purpose-driven practice that works to orientate businesses, brands and society towards a sustainable future. Often confused with the practice of simply marketing the sustainability credentials of an organisation, sustainable marketing creates awareness, aspiration, adoption and action across economic and sociocultural systems by taking necessary accountability for its impacts and opportunities. In doing so, it acts in service of long-term wellbeing for all. 


Foresight on sustainable marketing

What is Sustainable Marketing?

Understand the scope, impact and opportunity of sustainable marketing and why it is critical to achieving a sustainable future

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The Physical Impacts of Advertising

Review the role of advertising in the economy, and the need to take accountability for its direct and indirect impacts on people and the planet

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The Power and Potential of Marketing's Brainprint

Explore an introduction to the psychological, sociological and      cultural impacts of brand, marketing and creative work

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Purpose and Marketing - Bedfellows or in Battle?

Analyse whether purpose be the saviour of the marketing discipline or if marketing will destroy the concept of purpose

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Education on sustainable marketing

For over three decades, CISL has been at the forefront of sustainability education. We have a deep understanding of the changing global context and access to a wealth of world-leading research into sustainable business. Our programmes draw upon leading academics, practitioners and innovators to help inform business strategy and inspire action. 


Sustainable Marketing, Media and Creative

For marketing, media and creative professionals who wish to be at the forefront of sustainability transformation.

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Business Sustainability

For professionals wanting to act as an
agent for positive change and lead sustainability across an organisation.

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Communicating for Influence and Impact

For professionals seeking to build the communication skills to achieve meaningful change.

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Sustainable marketing innovation and collaboration opportunities

For over three decades, CISL has built individual and organisational leadership capacity and capabilities and created industry-leading collaborations, to catalyse change and accelerate the path to a sustainable economy. To discuss how we can work with you to support you in your sustainable marketing transformation, please get in touch.

Transformational Leadership Hub

Sustainable marketing enables those working in marketing, media and creative functions to deliver transformational leadership for a sustainable economy. More information on CISL's approach is available here

Webinar recording: What is Sustainable Marketing?