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New investment in Romania: optimising incentives to investors under the EU’s flagship climate policies’, half day conference, Bucharest

16 June 2017 – On Friday 16th June, we hosted the second in a series of events on new investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

This event, hosted by Norica Nicolai MEP from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group, brought together central and local government officials, businesses representatives, and policy experts to discuss EU climate policies and their economic impact.

The event aimed to address some of the practical questions that arise around the technological side of the low-carbon economic transition as well as highlight the EU funding levers built into EU policy and designed to enable that process, as reflected in EU and policy choices which could channel investment to countries like Romania, as well as on the need for additional funding. Contributors went on to explore through two panel discussions how business and policy makers can seize upon green growth opportunities and how to optimise EU climate policies to promote new low-carbon investment in Central and Eastern Europe.

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