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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Available entirely online, anywhere in the world, our part-time sustainability courses empower individuals and organisations to take the lead in tackling critical global challenges.

Peet Van Wyk

"This course should be mandatory education for every decision maker in every company world-wide. My management perspective has been fundamentally shifted."

Peet Van Wyk, South Africa
Group CEO, Keech Furnace Technologies

Lu Ann

"With the credentials of CISL, this could well be the most successfully designed programme in the world that delivers sustainability to business management in a nutshell." 

Lu-Ann Ong, Singapore
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Independent Consultants 1920 LLP


"I would recommend this course as a valuable exercise for anyone who is prepared to be an agent for sustainability change or for those needing to know more about the subject – practically everyone!"

Janey Lane, United Kingdom
Chartered Surveyor, Savills


About the learning experience


"Although I have never done online learning before, the combination of the course structure and the GetSmarter support has made the transition to online learning completely seamless."

Teresa Wooding, New Zealand
Senior Project Manager, Christchurch City Council

"GetSmarter is an ideal online platform for those who have full-time jobs. It allows for the opportunity to connect with others, work through the course content at your own pace and is very user-friendly. You also have access to a great support system (technical and non-technical) where all your queries can be dealt with timeously and effectively."

Angelique du Randt, South Africa
Process Engineer, Energy Utility in South Africa


"Because I have studied online before, an MBA and part of a PMP, I have a depth of comparability. I can see that having this amount of academic support is a definite advantage and contrasts with my prior experience."

Gayelene Bonenfant, Canada
Co-founder,; Strategic Business Consultant and Social Entrepreneur

Diana De La Torre

"The cases chosen for the course were tremendously relevant. My classmates were from all over the world and had such different backgrounds that they all helped to make conversations richer."

Diana De La Torre Ugarte Diaz, Peru
Corporate Affairs Manager, CBC

Dirk Philippus Conradie

"The course content is illuminating and an absolute must for all aspiring sustainability managers as well as those that need upskilling in their field." 

Dirk Philippus Conradie, South Africa
Public Affairs and Sustainability Manager, Pernod Ricard

Karim el Jisr

"Not only content rich and up to date, there was a logical flow in the modules which kept you sharp and motivated."

Karim el Jisr, United Arab Emirates
Executive Director, SEE Nexus Institute

 How the course is useful and relevant


"The course has been very useful in terms of sustainability knowledge building, and how to use this appropriately in the company. I have already used examples etc in discussions with senior colleagues."

Jonathan Kendall, United Kingdom
President,  International Institute for Diamond Grading and Research (a De Beers Group company)


"This course has empowered me to be the ‘voice’ of sustainability at my work. My colleagues now expect me to ask challenging questions about sustainability during work forums. I have gained confidence in responding to the CEO’s weekly blogs, providing my opinion to his commentaries around transitioning to a low carbon economy. This has been a result of the excellent modules within this certificate."

Rose Boyd, Australia
Senior Sustainability Consultant, Australasia Transport and Resources


"​The knowledge from this course will assist me with reworking marketing, communications, and product design strategies. It will also give me the confidence to participate further in roundtables and forums. I am also now considering a Master's in Sustainability."

Tamryn Stowell, United Kingdom
Corporate Advisor, Charities Aid Foundation (​CAF)

Harris Albert Guevarra

"The course gave me a firm foundation on sustainability, equipped me with up-to-date trends on how it is practised across the globe, and gave me the chance to meet passionate practitioners of sustainability and be inspired by the work they do."

Harris Albert Guevarra, Philippines
President and CEO, Drink

Trijntje Huisman

The Cambridge Business Sustainability course provides a sound academic foundation complemented with practical cases and relevant assignment to bring learning into practice."

Trijntje (Truus) Huisman, Belgium
Co-founder, Plastic Maker Hubs


"The course gave me a holistic understanding of sustainability leadership and how leveraging sustainability can create new market opportunities, fuel innovation and be the catalyst for power partnerships that increase your competitive advantage."

Jayne Harvey, Thailand
Founder and CEO, Lily & Mortimer






Online, tutor-assisted


8 weeks online, 8–12 hours per week