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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)


The Tata Sustainability Leadership Programme was commissioned by senior leaders at Tata Quality Management Services (TQMS) to provide Chief Executives and Board members from across Tata Sons with a shared understanding of the risks and opportunities posed by climate change. It aimed to familiarise participants with the scientific evidence for climate change, to identify how companies are integrating these issues into their core business strategies, and to enable senior leaders to build organisational resilience to climate change.


"Sustainability has been a founding principle of Tata Sons and we recognised that CISL would enable us to accelerate our efforts and make even more progress. We need to give our leaders access to the very best science and analysis, to support them in recognising the immediate and future implications of climate change for the countries in which we operate and, crucially, to empower them to do what’s best for our companies. The Cambridge programme enabled us to take another step on this journey."

Arunavo Mukerjee, Vice President, TQMS

TQMS commissioned this programme after Mr Prasad Menon, a member of several Tata Boards, had attended the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)’s Climate Leadership Programme. CISL worked closely with TQMS and members of Tata Group’s cross-organisational Climate Change Committee to customise this programme and ensure that it was business-relevant, added value to existing work and provided a sufficient level of challenge for delegates. Particular attention was given to the different geographical contexts in which Tata’s companies operate and to ensure that individuals had sufficient space to reflect and identify how to take ownership of the climate change agenda. 

In May 2012, 26 senior executives from across Tata Sons main operating companies attended a customised programme in Cambridge. This three-day residential event combined expert plenary presentations, networking opportunities, group projects, facilitated discussion, reflection time and even a visit to the British Antarctic Survey to give delegates first-hand exposure to climate science. 

"We need to stop living in the legacy of our forefathers, embrace the crisis of today and take CISL as our mentors to make a measurable change for India and the world and it's sustainability journey."

Anamika Sarma, Associate Vice President, Tata BSS

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