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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)


We are working with the African Development Bank to deliver the Bank’s vision of Inclusive and Green development in Africa, as outlined in the Bank’s new Ten Year Strategy. In 2012, we were commissioned to run a programme that would equip key individuals with the knowledge to deliver this Strategy, as well as the Bank’s Climate Change Action Plan, and the skills to further integrate climate change into existing policies and operations.


"This programme is an important catalyst for climate action within the Bank. We now have the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage colleagues and clients – skills that are essential if we are to promote green, inclusive growth across Africa."

Dr Balgis Osman-Elasha, Climate Change Expert (Program Task Manager)

In collaboration with the Bank, we designed a six-day programme to build capacity on strategically important issues such as climate change, agriculture, poverty alleviation and urbanisation, identifying how the Bank can impact these issues both now and in the future. The programme had two distinct parts: the first part aimed to establish a shared understanding among all participants, raise awareness of key issues, and enable individuals to understand the interconnectivities and complexities of decision-making when concerned with climate change. Building on this strong foundation, the second part aimed to give delegates confidence to discuss climate change with other stakeholders, including climate sceptics, and identify tangible actions they could take to drive change within the Bank.

We combined a range of learning techniques to try and make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience. These included plenary presentations from expert speakers, role-play, debate and field excursions to demonstrate how the Bank can act on climate change. In addition, each student received a comprehensive training pack. These materials – specifically compiled for the Bank – provided access to the latest literature and research, interactive websites and games, and podcasts and videos. The pack enabled participants to easily find relevant material to train colleagues and inform conversations with their clients.

This programme was attended by 13 delegates working in mainstream roles across the Bank’s operations.

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