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12-14 December 2021

Responding to climate disruption: youth livelihoods in Uganda. RewirEd Summit, Dubai Expo 2020.

8 November 2021

Youth-led research showcase and interactive dialogue on the impact of climate change on youth livelihoods and health in Africa. Science Show Theatre, Green Zone, COP26 Glasgow.

5 November 2021

Living in the climate crisis: young people in Uganda. Chinese Corporation Pavilion / Hall 4, Blue Zone, COP26 Glasgow.

19 October 2021

Let us be heard: young people and climate change. British Academy, UK.

26 September 2021

Youth Futures. Africa Climate Week.

10 September 2021

Peak youth, climate change and the role of young people in seizing their future. African Youth Conference on Climate Change, side event.

14 August 2021

KFM International Youth Day Radio Talk Show. Celebrating International Youth Day.

12 August 2021

How are young people changing the world? International Youth Day Virtual Event.

12-14 July 2021

Young people and climate change in Africa: a Kampala-Cambridge workshop. The Kampala-Cambridge Young People and Climate Change workshop is a three day international event, hosted by Restless Development, Makerere University and University of Cambridge.

30 March 2021

Talk in ‘Climate change and the role of young people’ by Anna Barford, to students of the Department of Social Sciences at Howard Community College, USA. Hosted by Dr. Yang Yu.

10 February 2021

Keynote talk by Anna Barford on ‘Peak youth, climate change, and the role of young people in adapting their futures’ at the Cambridge Zero Research Symposia 2021. The recording of the symposia is available here:

10 December 2020

The project team hosted the Uganda Youth National Working Group, with a focus on our research topic. The event, entitled What’s in Store for Our Future? The Impact of Climate Change on Youth Work and Aspirations, was attended by young people, NGOs, policy makers and academics. 

24 June 2020

Youth livelihoods and climate change presentation by Anthony Mugeere, Rachel Proefke, and Anna Barford, at the Cambridge Youth Symposium, Decent Work and Youth Livelihoods group , University of Cambridge.




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Read the report here.






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