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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Blanda Power Station

There is no lack of financing interest for large infrastructure projects. However, there is a lack of projects which have an adequately managed risk profile that financiers can understand, clear commercial returns within a reasonable time frame, proven sustainability credentials and sufficient convening power to blend different forms of finance into a successful package. In order to address this greater focus is required on how to direct capital into an emerging class of projects known as 'sustainable infrastructure'.

Financial regulation towards sustainable infrastructure

There is a variety of characterisations of what constitutes sustainable infrastructure. This project approaches sustainable infrastructure from the context of sustainable development, defining it as any infrastructure project that contributes to sustainable development of the economy in the long term. It then considers the role of financial regulation in facilitating the flow of financial resources towards sustainable infrastructure projects.

Access the working papers for the Sustainable Infrastructure project here:

For more information on the project, please contact Dr Srinivas Yanamandra.

FutureDAMS project

The Future Dams project addresses the question of how to direct capital into sustainable infrastructure projects, using dams as the primary research vehicle. This question is approached in three steps. The first will involve a review of risks and opportunities of financing sustainable infrastructure; the second will identify best practices in financing sustainable infrastructure; and the third will explore metrics which can help align financing instruments for sustainable infrastructure. This research will inform and in turn be informed by the work of other components of the Future Dams project headquartered at Manchester University.

Access the working papers for the FutureDAMS project here:


Contact Dr Judith Plummer Braeckman for more information.


Blanda Power Station, winner of the Blue Planet award 2017.