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Working collaboratively to help business sustain the natural environment

The Natural Capital Impact Group is composed of progressive companies, including market leaders and household names, with significant land footprints and dependencies upon natural capital, which aspire to understand and then mitigate their impacts upon natural capital.

Joining the Group will enable your company to co-develop, deploy and embed innovative and enterprising approaches to enhancing natural capital in your business.


Members can participate in a number of core workstreams which create a community of practice around critical challenges and identify solutions that can be implemented by business. Workstream themes include:

Measuring business impacts on nature

The NCIG identified a need for a high-level measure that could provide an indication of a business’s impact on nature in different regions of the world for different commodities.

In partnership with leading academics and NGOs a new approach to measuring biodiversity impacts in global supply chains has been developed. With this metric, businesses can determine where their operations pose the greatest risks to nature around the world. The metric can also inform corporate response strategies, by providing a quantitative measure to inform choices between different mitigation options. This metric is currently being tested.

Business leadership on restoring nature 

This leadership piece aims to frame the critical aspects a business needs to be engaged with on its journey towards becoming a leader on reducing its impact on nature, tackling the ecological crisis and ultimately restoring nature.

The NCIG and partners aim to create a blueprint of what a leading company restoring nature looks like and showcase the pathway towards achieving this.

International policies for nature

How can companies unlock policy levers to enable change?

The NCIG engages with a number of debates on international agreements to reverse nature loss. It is engaged with Business for Nature which aims to bring together influential organisations and forward-thinking businesses to call for policies that place nature at the heart of the global economy.

Enabling financial mechanisms

Members of the NCIG are keen to explore how companies might access finance and engage with finance actors to support their transitions. The group is able to leverage the finance expertise and contacts within the Centre for Sustainable Finance to begin unpicking these questions and finding scalable solutions.


Latest news and thought leadership

Natural Capital Leaders Platform: Business Risks and Opportunities Report

June 2011 – It is increasingly accepted that we need a step change in the level of practical actions and policy that can deal with long-term risks to business, customers and wider society from the destruction of the natural resource base. This major new business-led programme brings together a cross-sectoral group of leading companies to explore how to bring about these transformational changes.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform: Business Risks and Opportunities Report - Read More…

Natural Capital Leaders Platform: Business Narratives Report

June 2011 – During 2010, the Cambridge University Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) established a new process to help businesses engage more effectively with the unfolding challenges linked to the depletion of natural capital.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform: Business Narratives Report - Read More…

Natural Capital Investment Report

June 2011 – Global natural capital is being severely degraded at a rapid rate. In effect, we are now living off the capital rather than the ‘interest’ of the Earth’s natural resources, resulting in increasingly significant economic and social costs.

Natural Capital Investment Report - Read More…

Sustainable Water Stewardship: The Next Big Step Forward

June 2011 – summary of the workshop on Sustainable Water Stewardship: The Next Big Step Forward, organised by the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) and sponsored by Anglian Water.

Sustainable Water Stewardship: The Next Big Step Forward - Read More…

Natural Capital Leaders Platform: Summary Report for Phase 1

May 2011 – Early research on the debate in relation to views and action on natural capital among private sector organisations revealed the lack of a clear, statement of the business case for the more structured actions necessary to address the far reaching implications of the degradation of the natural capital.

Natural Capital Leaders Platform: Summary Report for Phase 1 - Read More…


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Catherine Weller

Catherine Weller, Programme Manager, Business and Nature Team