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Business and investment leaders collaborate on how to measure and minimise their impact on the natural world

last modified Oct 27, 2016 05:10 PM
27 October 2016 – In the first CISL meeting of its kind, over 20 leaders from across the business and investment industries came together for a workshop to discuss their common goal to measure and minimise their impact on the natural world.

The workshop brought together CISL’s Natural Capital Leaders Platform and Investment Leaders Group (ILG) to identify common drivers and shape new relationships. It provided an opportunity for leaders from the two platforms to find mutual understanding between the corporate and investor communities, where currently they do not use the same language, metrics or approaches when exploring environmental impacts.

The CISL Natural Capital Leaders Platform is a global network of companies that together seek to better manage their impacts and dependencies on natural resources and ecosystems. The Natural Capital Leaders Platform has already explored biodiversity metrics and published a new report yesterday titled Biodiversity and ecosystem services in corporate natural capital accounting that looks at corporate measurement of impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity.

The Investment Leaders Group brings together global representatives from pension funds, insurers and asset managers committed to advancing the practice of responsible investment.

Underpinning both groups is the aim to make measuring the impacts of business operations and activities on the natural environment a routine practice for business and the investment industry.

Dr Gemma Cranston, Acting Director for CISL’s Natural Resource Security Portfolio said:

“This meeting was a key step forward in exploring a shared language and  partnership to develop a common framework that is meaningful and practical across both industries. Cross-sector collaboration of this kind is essential in order to accelerate progress towards achieving a sustainable economy.”

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Gemma Cranston

Dr Gemma Cranston, Director, Natural Capital

 | T: +44 (0)1223 761711