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Sustainability leaders on water risks

“We at Asda, just like other businesses, have to cope with the risks of more extreme weather in for example variable rainfall patterns. In fact, our recent study based on the IPCC guidelines has shown that only five per cent of our fresh produce supply chain is not at risk from climate change impacts. Impacts on sourcing, processing and logistics imply that there is £101.9 million, £163.9 million and £103.8 million (respectively) value at risk. For businesses, the events such as droughts and flooding reduce the resilience of supply chains and risk potential losses from commodity price hikes that follow sudden drops in agricultural production. There are tangible business incentives to urgently address these risks.”

Chris Brown, Sustainable Business Director, Asda


"The need to engage in dialogue with our communities has long been known in business, but the nature of that dialogue is expanding. We are increasingly seeing the need to discuss topics like water and biodiversity, and in many cases it is up to business to lead the way in bringing various stakeholders to the table.”

Brian Nash, Sustainability Director, Ingredion 



Dr Gemma Cranston
Senior Programme Manager