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Business activities are vulnerable as they rely upon water...

Water icon…for ensuring the quantity of produce

The amount of water in lakes and rivers versus the amount available in soil differs across the globe and changes with time. Water is one of the factors that defines land suitability for agriculture and forestry and thereby impacts production. Agricultural production depends upon rainwater that is stored within soil or, when this is insufficient, irrigation from ground or surface waters for plant transpiration and growth. Business bottom lines, their raw material production and the stability of their supply chains depend on a certain quantity of water. 

…for guaranteeing the quality of produce

Water quality is defined by its temperature, turbidity, clarity, pH, mineral content, nutrient and heavy metal presence and salinity. Re-use schemes and infrastructure may alter water quality and make water sources unsuitable for certain uses thus impacting the production of high-quality raw materials. The quality of produce defines corporate reputation and brand and also marketability. 



Dr Gemma Cranston
Senior Programme Manager