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External forces are putting pressure on soil resources…

Soil icon…as landscapes are shaped by natural forces

Landscapes and soil quality are shaped by natural forces including water and extreme weather events, and by industry, such as construction and infrastructure. Degraded lands often have lower water capacity, which can worsen flooding, and extreme weather events are predicted to become more frequent under climate change scenarios. Such events can have disastrous repercussions on business activities and supply chain security while costs to remedy damages to infrastructure and local communities can prove significant.

…as population and consumer trends continuously evolve

Growing populations and changing demographics as well as a shift to meat-intensive diets have changed demand for suitable agricultural, industrial and urban land. Global human trends have contributed to desertification, the loss of arable land and decreased soil quality. These impacts are affecting business operational areas and increasing costs for maintaining raw material production and supply chains.



Dr Gemma Cranston
Senior Programme Manager