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Beijing mayors programme presentation






  • 研究重大全球趋势及其对城市发展的影响
  • 探究城市的社会与环境方面
  • 学习改善城市面貌的新技术和新方法
  • 学习城市韧性和风险管理
  • 实地参观剑桥大学和伦敦,获得管理新型变化的第一手经验
  • 回顾个人领导力,打造行动方案



  • 课程设计促进与学员的积极对话,有效评估其思考和决策方式。专门安排时间进行回顾、小组讨论、与授课教师交流、小组项目等
  • 教员从剑桥大学各院系抽调,涵盖包括科技、材料科学、地理学、土地经济学和社会科学在内的各个主题
  • 外聘讲师来自领衔机构,尤其聚焦建筑环境和城市服务
  • 在伦敦实地考察,了解这座英国首都如何进行风险管理;剑桥市实地考察,了解新技术发展
  • 有机会了解英国文化,与商界领袖接洽





Customised programmes for senior leaders

China's accelerated industrialisation and urbanisation have had a dramatic effect on the lives of hundreds of millions of people. But they have also created new challenges, risks and opportunities for the country's city and provincial leaders, for financial regulators and commercial banks and insurers, and for entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Our programmes are designed to meet client needs

We develop powerful learning journeys for participants to equip them to deliver against organisational needs and objectives. Our programmes can be designed to last from two to three days to multi-week study tours. We are able to collaborate with Chinese academic institutions to develop educational programmes which span East-West leadership and practice.

Our programmes are delivered in Mandarin, and participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of the programme.

Example programme: Sustainable city leadership

During a three week programme, the delegates have the opportunity to:

  • Study major global trends and how these are affecting city development
  • Explore the social and environmental aspects of cities
  • Learn about new technologies and methods for improving cities
  • Learn about resilience and risk management for cities
  • Visit sites at the University of Cambridge and in London to get hands-on experience of how new developments are being managed
  • Reflect on their personal leadership, and create an action plan

Key features

The programme has several key features to inspire participants:

  • Sessions designed to actively engage participants and enable them to critically assess their methods of thinking and decision-making. Time is taken for reflection, group discussion and interaction with contributors as well as group projects
  • Faculty drawn from across Cambridge University, covering topics including technology, materials science, geography, land economy and social sciences
  • External speakers from leading organisations with a particular focus on the built environment and city services
  • Site visits in London to see how risk is managed in a capital city and in Cambridge to look at new technological development
  • Opportunities to explore British culture and to network with business leaders

Open programmes

In addition to our customised programmes for senior leaders, we run open programmes which are delivered in English.

We are delighted to welcome senior participants from China on our Business and Sustainability Programme.