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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

2011 – As business leaders, we are committed to action on climate change, sustainable development and the green economy. Green growth offers the potential to create a more prosperous and resilient economy, and deliver innovation, new industries and jobs. We continue to broaden understanding amongst our peers of the economic case for green growth and the urgency of meeting the 2°C challenge.

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The 2°C Challenge Communiqué called on governments to break the deadlock in the international negotiations and take action at a national level to ensure a successful transition to green growth and a climate resilient economy. The Communiqué noted that, if governments fail to act, they "risk permanent damage to their credibility", but the right action would "secure a low carbon-emission economy that is more resilient, more efficient and less vulnerable to global shocks". The 2°C Challenge Communiqué had over 400 signatories based in over 40 countries.


Published: 2011