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Richard Burrett contributes a chapter to Iveta Cherneva: The Business Case for Sustainable Finance

June 2012 - In the world of finance, until recently, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have been present only in the soft domains of ethics, philanthropy and reputation management. Few academic works have asked the question: is there a business case for sustainable finance?

The Business Case for Sustainable Finance

This edited volume brings together finance industry perspectives from top global institutions, which focus on the bottom line for integrating ESG factors into the operations of the finance industry. Executives and senior practitioners answer the question: “does following sustainable finance principles make commercial sense for a commercially-oriented financial institution, and if so, what evidence is there?”. 

From sector-specific perspectives such as investment, asset management, banking, and microfinance, to current topics such as quality of management, climate change, natural capital, labour, human rights standards, impact investing, and poverty reduction, to managing risk in emerging markets such as China and South Africa, this edited collection provides a global picture of the way issues traditionally seen as ethical and public “do-good” issues actually affect returns in a very real numerical way.

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The Business Case for Sustainable Finance

Published: June 2012