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Nick Coad and Paul Pritchard: Leading Sustainable Innovation

July 2013 - Sustainability will play an increasingly key role in the innovation process within businesses. Leading companies are already integrating these agendas, and preparing their sustainability executives to take the lead. This book demonstrates why sustainability requires innovation; explains how this opportunity can be grasped by sustainability executives; outlines the skills they will need to learn to lead on sustainable innovation and outlines key trends in sustainable innovation and in managing innovation.

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Coad and Pritchard provide an overview of mainstream innovation, and draw out common characteristics of successful programmes, such as a corporate culture whose systems promote innovation. They highlight developments such as mobile technology, social media and collaborative consumption which transform the way consumers interact with companies. Viewed alongside emerging ideas on sustainability, such as the circular economy, this points to a clear need for a new set of innovation skills. Companies will face challenges in realizing these opportunities, in particular the development requirements for sustainability executives and broader organisational learning. This book is for companies who want to take advantage, and the sustainability executives who will be leading the way.

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Leading Sustainable Innovation


Published: July 2013