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Restless Development, Uganda

Rachel ProefkeRachel Proefke

Co-Investigator, leading on youth-led research. Rachel is the Senior International Research Manager at Restless Development, and she works out of the Uganda Hub in Kampala. Rachel has extensive experience of research with young people and with lower income communities in both Sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh. She led a MasterCard Foundation project called the Youth Think Tank, gathering youth perspectives on many issues including their working lives, from countries in East and West Africa.

Benard IsikoBenard Isiko

Research Co-ordinator. Benard is responsible for recruiting Young Researchers and training them in practical field-based research methods. He also provides mentorship and supervision to Young Researchers during the research.

Charles MankhwaziCharles Mankhwazi

Research Manager. Charles provides technical oversight on youth-led research, and supports the recruitment, and training of young researchers. He is responsible for data analysis, report writing and research dissemination to influence policy and decision making, by catalyzing discussions and action.

Mary MukyalaMary Mukyala

Qualitative Youth Researcher, working in Jinja. Mary Mukyala is a qualified social worker who has been working with Uganda Youth Development Link to empower girls as a team leader. She is passionate about climate change and its impact on young people, as well as about girl child education, empowerment and women’s rights.

Akol Godfrey

Akol Godfrey

Qualitative Youth Researcher, working in Karamoja. Akol Godfrey is a young person hailing from Karamoja region who has been working as a lead village artisan. Together with other young people he spearheaded the formation of an association that equips fellow young people with skills in making liquid soap, perfume and sanitary pads so as to reduce youth unemployment. He is a community leader who has engaged in peer education on reproductive health amongst adolescent girls and boys, as well as sensitising communities on the value of education.

Mwesigwa Grace

Mwesigwa Grace

Qualitative Youth Researcher, working in Jinja. Mwesigwa Grace is a self-driven, confident, talented and hardworking educationist and a career journalist with a passion to work with young people. He hosts an evening radio talk show called Reference Point on 89Smart FM an English radio station in Jinja City Eastern Uganda, and he has used it as a platform to positively influence the lives of other young people. He is currently developing a concept of reaching out to the most needy school children in Eastern Uganda through his fan base.

Aleper John

Aleper John

Qualitative Youth Researcher, working in Karamoja. Aleper John is a young person from the Karamoja sub region. He holds a BSc in Education. He is passionate about motivating young people to cope with the changing standards of living and empowering them with life skills for better livelihoods.

Kataike Viola

Kataike Viola

Qualitative Youth Researcher, working in Jinja. Kataike Viola is a dynamic young lady from Jinja City and a coFounder of A HAND FOR A REFUGEE. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Makerere University. Growing up in a less privileged region of Uganda motivated her to become an agent for community change; based on the power of giving back. She sees team work, consistency, resilience, and transformative leadership as key attributes for successful community change agents.

Faith Aleper Rebecca

Faith Aleper Rebecca

Qualitative Youth Researcher, working in Karamoja. Faith Rebecca Aleper, is a young woman from Karamoja pursuing a Bachelors degree in Microfinance. Her passion is leadership and transformation of people in her community amidst the challenges of climate change. She is also a strong advocate for youth engagement in entrepreneurship.

John MuliikaJohn Muliika

Qualitative Youth Researcher, working in Jinja. John Muliika is a young social worker who holds a Bachelor degree in Social Development from Makerere University. He has engaged with Restless Development before as a volunteer and has skills in project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, communication, teamwork and research. He loves watching soccer and listening to local music during his free time.

Gloria Longoli

Gloria Longoli

Qualitative Youth Researcher, working in Karamoja. Gloria Longoli is a youth advocate who headed a youth empowerment club in 2016 that aimed at empowering young people to access information and have their voices heard. She has also conducted research on Agriculture and Market Support with the World Food Programme, focused on involving young people in agriculture to boost Uganda's economy for sustainable development.

Joan Iyogil

Quantitative Youth Researcher working in Karamoja. She is a graduate with Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University Kampala. She is passionate about changing lives and livelihoods of the less privileged groups of people through advocacy, leadership, mentorship and therapy. She is also striving hard to represent the communities at different levels and be a voice to the voiceless!

Paul Muwanika

A quantitative researcher pursuing a bachelors degree in social works and social development. He is a self-motivated and multi-talented young person, passionate about research and youth work. Paul has volunteered with Restless Development before under Budget Monitoring and Advocacy He has also volunteered with other organisations in Busoga region.

Sandra Ruth Maende

A quantitative researcher and passionate about poverty eradication among the youth especially young women and has gone on to engage young women of Busesa to join her in learning skills such basket weaving, tailoring and hair dressing at the church, which skills they can use to generate an income of their own. Sandra believes that determination and positive thinking get you where you want to be. “You are what you think.”

Akullo Lillian

A quantitative researcher with a Bachelor of Arts with Education at Kyambogo University
She is determined, hardworking and a good team player, passionate about sustainable community transformation by adding value to the lives of people. She aspires to be the best version of her self as well as a competent changemaker. 

Keem Brenda

A graduate of Kyambogo University with Bachelors degree in community Development and Social Justice, she is a trained community development practitioner who believes in the side-lined yet potential youth in the communities who are changemakers. Brenda is passionate about helping her peers understand their surrounding and she uses her voice to influence the youth and raise awareness on matters concerning young people.

Mbeiza Peace

A quantitative researcher and a third year student at Makerere university Kampala pursuing a bachelor's degree in social sciences-majoring in social administration. She is a vibrant young professional , alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) with strong passion for  climate change, youth leadership and quality girl child education. She loves working with young people because we are the power and change for a sustainable planet.

Rodney Naleba

A self-driven youth who possesses a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for Research and Environmental Conservation. He possesses a BSc. Hons. Conservation Biology from Makerere University and greatly interested and engaged, in working for SDG 15 (Life on land) and SDG 13 (Climate Action), where he has been at the forefront of various Climate Action Campaigns in Uganda.
He currently works with Environmental Rescue Action, Uganda; an NGO that advocates and works for Sustainable Use and Conservation of the Environment and Natural Resources therein. He is a member of Nature Uganda. 

Esther Akanyo

A quantitative researcher who believes in the collective action of young people to make the world just and fair for all. She has volunteered with Restless Development before and she believes that her current work with Youth Futures will contribute to combating climate change impacts in Karamoja region.  

Isiko Aggrey

A dedicated youth researcher with a great determination and commitment towards research and environmental activities. He enjoys reading, and the knowledge and perspective that he has gained from it has strengthened his teaching skills and presentation abilities. He possesses a bachelors degree in Environmental Management. He has come up with innovative and practical methods in environmental conservation and awareness, Social and economic development.  

Naigaga Patricia Joanita

A Land Economist (valuer) by profession - (Bachelor of Science in Land Economics; Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda) and an Environmental Scientist by passion. She is currently working with Geomorph Consults and Planners Ltd whose main goal is to create a fair platform for timely environment and social problem solving. She’s passionate about nature and has therefore joined thousands who have stepped up to fight climate change for a better planet in future. 

Jalidah Nabukalu

A graduate of Makerere University School of Public Health with a bachelors of Environmental Health Sciences .She possesses great passion in health promotion through research and leadership. Her love for research has led her to work in the field since the time she was in school. She believes in working hard to achieve life goals and also in team work for effectiveness of project's goals. 

Amiyo Francis

Quantitative youth researcher working in Karamoja region. He is a graduate of Animal Husbandry, hardworking, and self-driven with passion in working on issues affecting the lives of young people and he has been at the fore front of programs that advocate for the youth in Karamoja region.

Felix Onan Olindi

A high school finalist with an undying urge for societal transformation. He is an advocate for literacy and quality education among young people and a World Literacy Foundation ambassador where he seeks to advocate for more books in primary schools in Uganda. He is a gifted poet and writer with prospects of getting published in print. He is currently working on a book for young people, In Me. Felix is the founder of Learn Youth Bond, an initiative that empowers forgotten youths voice out issues that affect their respective communities through debating, writing and speech. Felix strives to create clean and greener spaces and has been part of numerous initiatives that address the impact of Climate change on the lives and livelihoods of young people. To him young people are the oil only with which the engine of the world can run...

Martha Nadale Nafula

A Youth Researcher and Community Development Worker. Martha works alongside members of troubled communities inspiring, support, and offering them guidance and opportunities for initiating social change. She represents the voices and needs of disadvantaged communities to policy makers.

Hakim Kayonga

A seasoned youth with considerable volunteerism and professional experience in the humanitarian space with high desires and open to learning. 

His experience spans across a wide range of projects Including the GUSO Programme, Sessions on GBV, Data Collection, Consultative series and Advocacy on Climate Change for Peace Building with organizations like Restless Development, United Nations Association of Uganda, Youth for Africa and the SRHR Alliance.

Muya James Jemo

A professional film maker, a radio presenter, blogger and civil rights activist. He is also an Environmental campaigner and advocate with passion to protect, conserve and Preserve environment and he is a Co-Founder at Karamoja Youth Effort to Save Environment (KAYESE-256). James has been involved in a number of research project in Karamoja and he is a Translations Manager at Karamoja Language and Cultural Board (KLB) were he translates documents from English to the local language (Nga’karimojong) and vice versa. 
James enjoys making new friends, adventure, children, listening to music, singing and dancing.

Thomas Galmus

A self-motivated qualitative researcher with a bachelors degree in Quantitative Economics from Makerere University.  Galmus appreciates collective efforts and collaborates productively with young people who he believes are change agents. He is a founder and Managing Director of Develop Youth Attitude towards work and create change project (DYA-CCP) Karenga aimed at reducing and curbing effects of cattle raiding and climate change among the young people in his community. He aspires to be a macro-economic and data analyst.

Abura Grace

A quantitative researcher from south Karamoja who is passionate about tackling climate change in Karamoja. He is positive and believes in the power of young people to cause change.  

Annet Longole

A quantitative researcher from Karamoja; hard working and a team player. She currently pursuing Procurement and logistics at Makerere Business School. She is very passionate about climate change and very curious to learn. She advocates for, “Keep green and don’t destroy it”. One youth can create a change in his or her society.

Ariko Ivan Innocent

An economist and social worker who is  sensitive to environmental changes in the surrounding with much emphasis on the youth. He is passionate about youth transformation by engaging in activities that promote the positive development of other youth. 

Chen Chen Cornelius

A researcher from the Karamoja Region. He is a pursuant of Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Engineering. He is passionate about renewable energy and intends to further Sustainable Energy in his Professional career. He has experience and ability in research, development of innovative technologies in water resources and environment at large. Ability to analyze, problem solve and generate innovative ideas in technology. 

Moru Winnie

A quantitative researcher from Karamojong and a student at Busitema University pursuing a diploma in Animal science (production and Management). She believes in integrity, Accountability, team work, trustworthiness and continued learning.



Makerere University, Uganda

Dr. Anthony MugeereDr. Anthony Mugeere

Co-Investigator, leading on climate change. Anthony is a Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences, at Makerere University where he teaches on the Masters in Sociology and Masters in Rural Development programmes. He is also a Research Fellow at the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), a public policy think-tank based in Kampala, Uganda. 

Dr. Andrew Ellias StateDr. Andrew Ellias State

Project co-ordinator at Makerere University, offering high level oversight. Andrew is the Dean for Social Sciences at Makerere University. His research includes a focus upon marginalised livelihoods in Uganda, including amongst low-income mothers in Kampala, and an interest in people working in agriculture and aquaculture. He also works on the themes of civil society and democratization. 

Paul MagimbiPaul Magimbi

Research Assistant. Paul contributes to literature reviews, data management, and data analysis. Paul previously worked on climate change in his role at the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), a public policy think-tank based in Kampala, Uganda.

Mollen Nyiranez

Mollen Nyiranez

Research Assistant. Mollen Nyiraneza is a training researcher with an interest in climate and climate change impacts on young people’s livelihoods. An advocate for gender equality, Mollen previously worked on the topic of men and masculinities, and researched gender-based violence and its causes in intimate relationships. Mollen holds a bachelor’s degree in humanities and social sciences from Makerere University.


University of Cambridge, UK

Anna BarfordDr. Anna Barford

Principal Investigator. Anna is a Prince of Wales Fellow in Global Sustainability at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. She is currently researching how people’s work and livelihoods intersect with environmental problems and solutions. This includes a focus on informal work in circular systems in lower- and middle-income countries. Anna also studies how the crises of climate change and Covid-19 intersect with young people’s livelihoods in Uganda, Nepal and Indonesia.

Dame Barbara StockingDame Barbara Stocking

Co-Investigator with high level oversight. Barbara is the President of Murray Edwards College at the University of Cambridge. Prior to taking up the post of President, she was Chief Executive of Oxfam from May 2001 until February 2013. During this time she led major humanitarian responses. On campaigning, Barbara led Oxfam's work on Make Poverty History, and more recently their work on climate change and the current Grow campaign on food justice in a resource constrained world. Barbara regularly spoke at major global meetings, e.g. Davos, World Economic Forum, and the UN. 

Professor Brendan BurchellProfessor Brendan Burchell

Methods advisor on novel approaches to survey research. Brendan's research interests focus upon the effects of labour market experiences (e.g. job insecurity, work intensification, bankruptcy, zero hours contracts, part-time work, unemployment) on psychological well-being. Brendan is Professor of Sociology, Director of Graduate Education in Department of Sociology, and Director of the Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods Centre.  

Emily MurphyEmily Murphy

Research Administrator based at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Emily is also PA to the Executive Directors at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Prior to this she was PA to the Chief Executive and President of the British Academy. She holds a Masters Degree in Advanced Theatre Practice and a Bachelors Degree in English Studies.

Rose Olwell

Research Assistant. Rose is particularly interested in the complex intersections of gender, education, and development. She spent two years in Guinea serving in the United States Peace Corps and holds a master's degree in African Studies and a Bachelors degree in History and Political Science.
















































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