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How does the Centre fulfil the mission of CISL?

In July 2015, CISL launched Rewiring the Economy, its ten-year plan to lay the foundations for a sustainable economy. The plan sets out ten interconnected tasks requiring collaborative action from the three key economic actors: business, government and finance. The success of the plan can be stated very simply: economic alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


rewiring the economy 1 2 3


CISL’s Centre for Policy and Industrial Transformation develops high-impact, systemic solutions to drive policy and industrial change towards a sustainable economy, focusing particularly on the first three Rewiring the Economy tasks: 1. Set the right targets and measures; 2. Align incentives to support better outcomes; 3. Drive socially-useful innovation. Our research, grounded in business insight and policy understanding, showcases leading examples and perspectives that can illustrate solutions to the challenges we face. Our education and advisory work develops capacity with businesses to engage with their peers and policymakers to leverage change.


Rewiring the Economy tasks for government

Task 1: Measure the right things, set the right targets

Governments can set bold targets for social and environmental progress, and adopt new measures to track how well the economy is delivering them.

Task 2: Align incentives to support better outcomes

Governments can internalise environmental and social costs in economic activities through fiscal policy, benefitting sustainable business models.

Task 3: Drive socially useful innovation

Governments can use every opportunity to create drivers and incentives for innovation aligned with core sustainability goals, and should exemplify and enable sustainable business.

How are companies preparing for a net zero future?


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