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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Investment Leaders Group


The Investment Leaders Group (ILG) is a global network of pension funds, insurers and asset managers, with over £14 trillion under management and advice. The group is committed in its mission to advance the practice of responsible investment.

The ILG is a voluntary initiative, driven by its members, facilitated by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), and supported by academics in the University of Cambridge.

Decisions and positions of the group do not represent the policies or positions of CISL or of the wider University of Cambridge.



The ILG´s vision is an investment chain in which economic, social and environmental sustainability are delivered as an outcome of the investment process as investors go about generating robust, long-term returns. Read more about the Value of Responsible Investment here.


ILG objectives and outcomes

Our projects...

Are leading edge and innovation focused

Connect to change in the real economy

Leverage a unique pre-competitive environment

Helping to ...

Decarbonise the global economy

Protect and restore nature

Support inclusive and resilient societies

By ensuring that..

Capital acts for the long term

Capital is priced according to the true cost of business activities

Financial structures better serve sustainable business

Our activities drive impact by

  • Providing unique access to world-class University of Cambridge research and academic excellence
  • Internal capacity building and knowledge generation as projects are developed and adopted within member organisations
  • Designing tools and services that provide commercial benefit for members and enhance best practice across the market
  • Two-way dialogue and network engagement with CISL’s sustainable finance, corporate and policy communities


Areas of focus

Measuring sustainable investment impacts

The Sustainable Investment Framework offers a set of impact metrics that translate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into measurable indicators that can be calculable, easily understood and implementable by members.

Promoting long-termism

The ILG has developed a toolkit for investors aiming to design investment mandates to help shift the investment chain towards responsible, long-term value creation.  Central to the toolkit is a checklist which allows asset owners and retail clients to assess a fund's long-term orientation and enables asset managers to review their own performance.

Understanding consumer preferences and behaviours

The ILG, together with Cambridge academics from the Department of Psychology developed a Virtual Investment Experiment (VIE), to test investor preferences as to how they trade off financial performance against impact.

Risk and resilience

Our research in this area aims to empower investors to understand how shifts in market sentiment induced by awareness of how present and future environmental risks could affect global financial markets in the short term.


Meet the team

Lucy Auden

Senior Programme Manager

Colette Bassford

Project Manger


Grant Rudgley

Senior Project Manager

Emily Hamm

Project Co-ordinator




What our members say about the ILG


"Membership of CISL’s Investment Leaders Group delivers a powerful sweet spot that connects an impressive network of leading investment industry practitioners with first class academia and research specialists."

John Belgrove, Chair of ILG Senior Sponsors group and Director of Future Thinking, Aon


"We find the ILG’s mandate to provide member-driven, solution based outputs backed by world class academic expertise helps its members navigate sustainable investment challenges and makes for a very powerful combination."

Will Oulton, Chair, ILG Working Group, Global Head of Responsible Investment


"The ILG provides UBP with a valuable conduit of strong academic research covering broad areas within sustainability originating from a well-resourced, impressively connected institution in CISL, that has specialised in this important area for over 30 years. Much of what we learn from this body would be difficult to replicate from other sources. Furthermore, the opportunity to share approaches to sustainability within a forum of asset owners and investment managers shapes and enhances UBP’s own efforts and through collaboration, magnifies the impact we could hope to achieve alone."

Victoria Leggett, Head of Impact Investing, Union Bancaire Privée



The Prince of Wales attends forum of global investment leaders, highlighting the importance of responsible investment

16 May 2016

17 May 2016 – The Prince of Wales, Patron of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, today attended a reception and plenary meeting for a global network of investment managers and asset owners known as the Investment Leaders Group.

New framework helps investment industry to empower savers on the impact of their investments

16 May 2016

16 May 2016 – The framework takes as its starting point the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which have been converted into a set of six impact metrics for investors that measure impacts – both positive and negative – of those assets on important social and environment topics.

New toolkit helps investors shift the investment chain towards responsible long-term value creation

16 May 2016

16 May 2016 – Short-termism in financial markets has been widely identified as a cause of underinvestment and poor decision-making by corporations, which undermines long-term value creation. A new report from the Investment Leaders Group provides a toolkit for investors who wish to design investment mandates that can help shift the investment chain towards responsible, long-term value creation.

Investment impact reporting: A framework that tackles a growing need

12 May 2016

22 June 2015 – Investors, sustainability reporting organisations and information providers collaborate on a shared vision for reporting investment impact to beneficiaries at a workshop in New York.

ILG attends United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit

12 May 2016

Philippe Zaouati, Chair of the Investment Leaders Group (ILG), CEO of Mirova (wholly owned subsidiary of Natixis) and Mark Wilson, CEO of Aviva, have been invited to attend the Interactive Dialogue on "Delivering on a Revitalised Global Partnership" on 26 September 2015 during the United Nations Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

New model quantifies impact of climate and energy regulation on company profitability

11 May 2016

12 May 2016 – Anticipating a continued shift to a low carbon society the Investment Leaders Group, made up of a global network of investors and convened by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, has developed a methodology to model the impact of carbon- and energy-regulation scenarios on firm-level profitability.

Investment Leaders Group Forum

27 January 2016

The Investment Leaders Group Forum on 17 May 2016 aimed to explore the tangible, practical steps and commitments that investors can make to achieve a more responsible, sustainable and, ultimately, resilient financial system.

Climate change sentiment – a risk to investment portfolios in the short term

19 January 2016

Climate change sentiment – a risk to investment portfolios in the short term In an article for Business Green, Dr Jake Reynolds, Director of Sustainable Economy at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, explores the case for stress-testing investments against shifting climate change...

Why we should stop talking about 'human capital'

14 January 2016

Why we should stop talking about 'human capital' In this article, Carlos Joly, Fellow at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, suggests that the business claim that 'people are our greatest assets' is misleading and argues that 'human capital' is an oxymoron. 14 January 2016 The...

Unhedgeable risk: How climate change sentiment impacts investment

10 November 2015

November 2015 – This report analyses how shifts in market sentiment induced by awareness of future climate risks could impact global financial markets in the short term.