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Sustainability leaders on land management

“To select and develop new land for operations, we need a landscape approach that considers managing biodiversity, soil and water simultaneously. We cannot address each in splendid isolation; these elements will naturally be prioritised depending on context but they need to be tackled together.”

Chris Brown, General Manager for Environmental Sustainability, Olam International Ltd

“Farmers on the ground aren’t always informed on climate change in a way that is digestible. The theme of communication is very much recurring and there is a need for evidence and a more efficient exchange of knowledge. We are well aware of climate change projections and possible future scenarios but the magnitude of the associated financial and societal impacts is yet to be fully calculated. There is a need to start considering and evaluating these impacts so as to influence decisions and strategic thinking.”

Andy Brown, Head of Sustainability, Anglian Water




Dr Gemma Cranston
Senior Programme Manager