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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

“We have long-term predictions for climate change and for analysing the implications on our supply chains and business operations. It seems to us that the next step would be stress testing our supply chains in terms of biodiversity productivity. The complexities behind biodiversity make this hard to measure and monitor – but we need to start doing this now because it underpins many of our operations.”

Chris Brown, Sustainable Business Director, Asda

“We need to turn it around for the corporate world, and make good practice around biodiversity credible. Business can bring a lot to bear to help fill data gaps that can then be interpreted into decision-making.”

Chris Brown, Sustainable Business Director, Asda

“The complexity behind biodiversity and its measurement has led to companies currently using ‘land area’ as a proxy for biodiversity. At Nestlé, we are keen to have simple metrics defined that better reflect the key elements of biodiversity.”

Duncan Pollard AVP Stakeholders Engagement in Sustainability, Nestle