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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)


Asda’s sourcing arm IPL is working alongside Chiquita, Migros, and GTZ (the German government’s development corporation), in a 'biodiversity partnership' – the Nature and Community Project. Together, these companies work with local businesses, schools, communities, scientists and government institutions to help protect and preserve Costa Rica’s biodiversity.

ASDA logoThe project has been tackling the problem of 'island forests' surrounded by farmland. The project has reforested large areas with over 60 species of native trees and created connections between 600 hectares of forest. The corridors in Nogal-La-Selva allow for the migration of many different animals, including howler, capuchin and spider monkeys, ocelot, deer, anteater and several species of birds.

These corridors of reforested areas are critical to the movement, breeding and survival of forest dwelling species. By engaging with such a project, Asda is acknowledging the local as well as global significance of conserving biodiversity and habitats. This has improved Asda’s local reputation as well as secured the health of the ecosystems their plantations and farms depend upon.