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Green Growth Group Advisory Council II hosts stakeholders meeting

last modified Jun 30, 2015 02:56 PM
24 June 2015 – Green Growth Group Advisory Council II hosted a stakeholders meeting, to present its paper on demand response flexibility to senior European Commission officials and power sector representatives.

The participants discussed how best to unlock the untapped potential of demand-side management, and identified some existing challenges and possible solutions at EU and Member States level. Key obstacles identified were: high electricity costs; lack of a clear EU policy and regulatory framework; high network tariffs and charges; and lack of guidance on technical elements including peak-shaving and valley filling.

Both industry and the European Commission officials present agreed that demand-side mechanisms should remain market-based and encouraged participation from all actors throughout the energy supply chain. A second stakeholders meeting will be held in September, focusing on specific obstacles identified at sectorial/national level, and starting a debate on low carbon innovation.

Read the paper on demand response flexibility.

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