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Business assert little control over on-the-ground soil related activities

Soil iconWith long and complex global supply chains (which can range from industrial farming to small-scale traditional methods) businesses do not always control soil management activities and supply of their raw materials can be threatened.

What can businesses do?

Businesses should analyse their supply chains to determine their most vulnerable operational areas. Businesses can further invest to improve soil management activities through capacity building, knowledge extension services and farmer engagement to promote practices such as Conservation Agriculture by minimising soil disturbance, providing continuous cover crops and rotating crops.

Companies can start by internally recognising the importance of soil and understanding that securing it as a natural capital dependency is a valuable strategic opportunity. Given the importance and value of soil as a natural capital asset, there is a surprising lack of awareness and investment from business. Generating understanding of the insecurity of soil dependencies, alongside a vision for long-term productivity will promote soil conservation investments, and greater accountability for soil associated risks.




Dr Gemma Cranston
Senior Programme Manager