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Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

December 2012 – Dr David Reiner’s research follows international negotiations on climate change, the consequent development of national climate change and energy policies, and public perception and communications regarding energy and climate policies. Much of his research focuses on regulatory design in energy and environmental policy, such as in setting goals in regulation and on wider public attitudes towards energy – for example, the upcoming rollout of smart meters and its likely impact on consumer demand.

David Reiner SOSOL

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Dr Reiner, a regular contributor to CISL’s executive programmes and business platforms, explains in this interview what we can learn from the controversies surrounding carbon dioxide capture and storage. His explorations of the views of different environmentalists, and the way politicians and the energy industry communicate with the public, reveal challenges both for the ‘green’ movement, and for the whole of society as we try to establish trust and consensus in the face of climate change. Interview by Wayne Visser and Francesca Raphaely.