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Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business

Applications are now open. They will close on 31 March 2016.

"The course is definitely having a profound influence on my attitude to business, sustainability and what can be done. I really feel I am on a journey. The quality of the speakers has been second to none, the content is new and you feel it is really being delivered by experts."

Romy Kenyon, Sustainability Projects Manager West Europe, 3M

The Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business (PCSB) is a Master's-level accredited programme from the University of Cambridge. It equips senior and mid-career professionals and managers with the relevant skillsets to integrate sustainability thinking into business actions.

PCSB is widely regarded as one of the leading Master's-level programmes internationally for individuals who are seeking to enhance their ability to lead and influence change for sustainability, whilst also gaining an academic award. The programme, now in its 19th year, attracts strong, international cohorts of senior and mid-career professionals, predominantly from business. Because of this, PCSB alumni benefit from the world-class peer networking opportunities that the programme provides.

The programme spans a 9-month period (part-time) and is built around:

  • Three short residential workshops; 

  • Individual work-based assignments; 

  • A group research project around an area of mutual relevance. 

The Benefits to Business

Global sustainability challenges such as climate change, poverty and inequality, loss of biodiversity and global population pressures present a number of risks and opportunities to business and can impact the ability to generate value. Society increasingly sees business as a provider of solutions for these global challenges, and there is growing recognition that far-sighted companies which are taking a positive and proactive approach to embedding sustainability in their core business will gain significant advantage, through mitigating risks, increasing resilience and enhancing value in the short and long term.


For over 19 years, PCSB has delivered cutting-edge insight to meet the dynamic needs of business and leaders from government and non-governmental organisations. The strength of the programme lies in the combination of access to Cambridge sustainability research and extensive University resources, with an emphasis on collaborative learning, peer networking, and real-life application to business contexts. Students have all the benefits of a rigorous programme accredited by the University, whilst being supported by a team of expert tutors to apply their learning to mainstream business practice. A strong emphasis is placed on equipping business leaders to bring about organisational change towards sustainable and flexible business. We recently surveyed our PCSB alumni and, based on over 60 responses, here are some of their insights into the value of the programme.

Workshop dates

Applications close: 31 March 2016

Workshop 1: 4–6 July 2016
Workshop 2: 7–9 November 2016
Workshop 3: 20–22 February 2017


Senior Programme Manager