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ClimateWise supports the insurance industry to respond to the opportunities of the zero carbon, climate-resilient transition.

Representing a global network of leading insurance industry organisations, ClimateWise aligns its members skills and expertise to enhance societal resilience to climate risk. Its focus is on addressing the growing protection gap: the divide between rising exposure to climate risks versus a decline in access to insurance cover. ClimateWise both facilitates action research and annually reports on its members activities as they integrate The ClimateWise Principles. ClimateWise is convened by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), which also provides the Secretariat. 


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The ClimateWise Principles frame how members should respond to climate change across their businesses. Members report annually on their individual progress while a collective review of the ClimateWise community informs governments, regulators and civil society more broadly on the way the industry is responding to the zero carbon, climate-resilient transition.





Action research logo transparentClimateWise’s ‘Societal Resilience Programme’ is a solutions-based research agenda helping insurance to proactively respond to the widening climate risk protection gap. Various collaborative research partnerships – drawing on member and specialist expertise – explore ways insurance can enhance societal resilience by leveraging the industry’s risk carrying, risk management and investment capabilities.




Latest news from ClimateWise

3 June 2016 – New ClimateWise Insurance Advisory Council to engage global regulators on climate risk

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ClimateWise announces members for its new ClimateWise Insurance Advisory Council.

Aware of the important role the financial system and its regulators need to play during a successful transition to a zero carbon, climate-resilient economy, the Council seeks to build on the momentum built following the global agreement reached at COP-21 in Paris last December to cap planetary temperature rises to below 2C.




16 December 2015 – The Paris climate deal: did it change the world?

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Read the speech given by Maurice Tulloch, Chief Executive Officer, Aviva UK General Insurance and Chairman of ClimateWise. 

The speech was given at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit event, hosted by Aviva London, which marked the launch of ClimateWise’s Annual Review 2015.





More news

Thought leadership

Climate change and the insurance industry: the legacy of 2015

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The global agreements signed in 2015 mean that demand for yet more progressive thinking and responses by the insurance industry are inevitable.

Insurers actively considering, responding to and disseminating their response to climate change are highlighting their commitment to maintaining a resilient and therefore profitable business over the long term.





Rethinking insurance for sustainable development

Village after a typhoon

In the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership report on insurance, Fellow Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez called for access to insurance within emerging markets to be accounted for by regulatory environments in order to aid sustainable development.

However, from an insurance perspective, operating in emerging economies presents many challenges – requiring insurers to have to rethink insurance for these markets.





AXA’s divestment announcement: a game changer?

Power station

AXA, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, has made a bold commitment to divest €500 million from coal and increase its investments in clean energy by €3 billion by 2020. 

It is unlikely to be the last announcement by the insurance industry on this topic in coming months, and a lot of emphasis will undoubtedly be placed on the divestment aspect of this commitment, but how significant is it really?





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