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The Prince of Wales's Business & Sustainability Programme

The pre-eminent international, cross-sector leadership programme for sustainable business

New challenges and opportunities for the business community have been catalysed by globalisation, resource scarcity, growing global population and climate change.

Designed to help business leaders to develop strategic responses to these challenges, the Business & Sustainability Programme is a unique, international forum which engages approximately 150 senior decision-makers and executives each year, helping them to translate the latest science, thinking and innovative practice.

"Truly inspiring, insightful and highly educational. A 'must attend' seminar for all business leaders in this area."

Gerardo Mazzeo, Assistant Vice President-Global Innovation Director and CSV Manager, Nestlé

Two decades of shaping business leadership for sustainability

For over twenty years, we have run annual senior executive seminars. We now deliver the programme in Cambridge, Brazil, continental Europe, Australia, and South Africa, with plans to launch in Asia next year.

Each four-day residential seminar begins with a rapid but deep immersion in the key challenges of unsustainability, material risks and opportunities these pose, as well as key trends in response.

We then explore the actions that companies can take to enhance their competitive advantage, as well as opportunities for system-level interventions that will create an enabling context for long-term corporate sustainability and profitability.

Read an indicative seminar outline.

Influencing over 2,500 leaders from 1,000 organisations in 75 countries

The programme is used by major companies across different sectors, such as Anglo American, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Petronas, Sainsbury's and Tata, as well as government agencies and development banks, to provide strategic context or build the capacity of senior staff. Each seminar accepts delegates from a broad range of geographies, functions and sectors, carefully selected to create a basis for a rich exchange and to build diverse and international peer networks.

"SABMiller senior executives value the programme as it takes them on a thoughtful journey which culminates in a clear plan on how to drive forward the sustainability agenda and make a difference within the company at a strategic level."

Andy Wales, Senior Vice President Sustainable Development, SABMiller 

Expert faculty and speakers

Our Faculty includes business and policy leaders, academics and influential thinkers, all of whom have experience of working with businesses to respond strategically to sustainability challenges. They are experienced facilitators who contribute to and encourage debate and discussion during the seminar and guide delegates in group work, focus workshops and syndicate sessions.

"As cross-cutting global issues increasingly feature as major dimensions of the business agenda, BSP will continue to play a significant role in the business world for decades to come."

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge

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