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Open Programmes

In addition to our flagship executive education programme, The Prince of Wales's Business & Sustainability Programme, our portfolio provides individuals and organisations with a broad range of sustainability leadership and strategy courses which are designed to meet specific business and leadership development needs.

We work with a select group of leaders and senior decision-makers who are in a position to have a significant impact upon their organisations.

Our business and sustainability courses and programmes support individuals to make informed decisions and to lead change at both an organisational level and within the wider system in which they operate.

Our programmes have a strong, strategic focus on the changing global context, on risks and opportunities for business and on effective approaches to developing sustainable business strategies and business processes.

We draw on expertise from our corporate and strategic partners and from the academic work of the University of Cambridge and other centres of excellence.

Explore the key features of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s strategic executive education programmes in business and sustainability for senior executives to find a seminar that suits your professional development needs.