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Natural Capital Leaders Platform

The Natural Capital Leaders Platform is a global network of companies, convened by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership to better manage their impacts and dependencies on natural resources and ecosystems. The Platform brings together progressive companies to develop practical approaches to help them understand, value, measure and manage their impacts and opportunities from the natural environment.

The Platform is guided by its members and supported by academics in the University of Cambridge. Businesses work with the Platform to resolve diverse business interests, promote peer learning and to drive innovation.

The Natural Capital Leadership Compact, as well as the business interests and drivers, have informed the Platform’s focus areas of work.

Businesses are increasingly including natural capital in decision-making. Collaborate with like-minded companies by joining the Natural Capital Leaders Platform.

The Platform's work aims to help businesses:

Consider natural resources in their decisions

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There are many benefits for business that consider natural resources in their decision-making. These include decreased costs, reduced risks, enhanced brand and revenue generation. This was shown in in our Doing Business with Nature report.

The Platform is currently working on identifying where research can help inform decisions.

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Measure business impacts on natural resources 

Oil on water 400Over the last few years, progressive companies have significantly advanced their understanding of the value of natural resources and the critical services provided by nature. Some businesses now want to go beyond understanding to action. To take action business require informative metrics to manage their impacts and dependencies on these resources effectively. Such metrics can be used also demonstrate the impact of an investment upon the natural environment. The Platform is developing simple metrics for business to measure and manage its environmental performance, including its impacts on biodiversity, soil and water.

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Value natural resources in their operations and supply chains


Natural capital valuation can help businesses make better-informed decisions that take into account the degradation of, or the benefits provided to, the environment and those that depend upon it. However, valuation is often poorly understood and only partially achieved by business.

The Platform is currently working on helping businesses to measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital.




Collaborate on natural resource issues

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Business collaboration is vital to secure the natural resources necessary for business and society. The  Platform works with businesses in sectors such as dairy and apparel to look at natural resource issues through joint research projects.


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Gemma Cranston, Acting Director, Natural Resource Security Portfolio

 | T: +44 (0)1223 761711